All rights reserved: Joe Sampouw

One year ago today, my first publication

– a piece of flash fiction called The Easier Thing

came out to great critical acclaim at Black Heart Magazine.

Ok, so there really wasn’t any great acclaim, critical or otherwise.

But, it DID come out a year ago today!

Check it out HERE.

This piece was accepted a couple of months before it was published and I was on

…pins and needles…

…pins and needles…

…pins and needles…

while I waited for it to be released.

When it finally came out, I was really proud of it.

I still am.

I had worked hard editing and rewriting it, trying to make it

T     I     G     H     T     E     R

T    I    G    H    T    E    R

T   I   G   H   T   E   R

T  I  G  H  T  E  R

dumping word count until I felt it had finally come together.

It was my first success and it gave me the courage to keep trying.

I’m still in the same loop of writing and submitting

…sitting on pins and needles…

dumping words, picking up new words, editing, revising and

waiting for good news to come my way.

This is the writer’s life. 

And, I’ve lived it fully for exactly one year.

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