A Change In Latitude published at Wigleaf

I see a blur of red bobbing in the horizon. I’m sitting, alone, in a life raft in the middle of the ocean. Supplies are dangerously low. How hard is it to catch a sea gull? Can you eat a sea gull? I’ve read people drink their own urine in survival situations.

I haven’t peed in two days…

A Change In Latitude published at Wigleaf as a finalist in the

Mythic Picnic Prize in Fiction

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My dear Wigleaf — 

I worry, some days, that I don’t even belong in the wild west. I’ve never circled the wagons. I don’t even have a wagon, can’t afford it, they aren’t cheap. Cattle rustling? A job for quicker cowgirls…

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Contest Winner and New Flash Fiction published at Bop Dead City!


I have a new flash fiction piece being published next week at Bop Dead City!

In addition, my story has been selected as the

Fiction Winner

in their Summer Themed Contest !!

My story is called Her Feminine Circumstance.

Bop Dead City is an amazing independent quarterly literary journal

available in print (only) for $3.

Please support this awesome journal (and, um, me!!) by purchasing a copy here

just as soon as it is available!

Congratulations to the Poetry Winner: Sandy Hiortdahl