Quicksilver to be published in Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume IV


Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume IV is currently available for pre-sale.

Officially, this anthology will be released in January, 2014.

My short story, Quicksilver, will be just one of many

incredibly entertaining speculative short stories to be anthologized.

Kevin J. Anderson offers a brilliant forward to kick us off which is a real thrill

because I read all of his X-files novels years ago!

I am especially proud of this story because it isn’t often that I

dip into the realm of Science Fiction.

As a reader, I love it.
As a writer, I fear it.

Because readers of Sci Fi are an incredibly discerning and vocal group.

If you don’t approach it with some authenticity and respect,

it is a group that will (rightly) eat you alive.

So just know this: I enter this field with utmost respect and terror.

And love, of course.

I couldn’t write it if I didn’t love it.

Cyber Monday Alert: Pre-order Spark: A Creative Anthology Volume IV And Save Some Fat Stacks!


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Within its pages, you will find my short Sci-Fi story


along with a WHOLE LOT of other great speculative stories by a wide range of talented writers.

Likewise, you can find the first three anthologies at amazon:

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III