Bop Dead City Issue 4 Now Available For Purchase



Dead Bop City Issue 4 is now available for you to purchase here!

It features a ton of great writing including 

my flash fiction story

Her Feminine Circumstance

which was also named Best Fiction in their 

Summer Themed Writing Contest. 

The cost is $3 ($1 shipping) which is a total deal! 

You should buy 5 copies! 10 Copies! 100!

Ok, ok.

But, if you buy one copy, you’ll have my love and gratitude forever. 

And, that is a thing to behold!

You are gonna want to trust me on that. 


Contest Winner and New Flash Fiction published at Bop Dead City!


I have a new flash fiction piece being published next week at Bop Dead City!

In addition, my story has been selected as the

Fiction Winner

in their Summer Themed Contest !!

My story is called Her Feminine Circumstance.

Bop Dead City is an amazing independent quarterly literary journal

available in print (only) for $3.

Please support this awesome journal (and, um, me!!) by purchasing a copy here

just as soon as it is available!

Congratulations to the Poetry Winner: Sandy Hiortdahl